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Montagne Sensation is protected, as required by law, with Responsabilité civile professionnelle insurance from Mutuelles du Mans Assurances 10, boulvard Alexendre OYON 72030 LE MANS CEDEX

The policy provides professional indemnity and liability for the organization, sale and resale of sport activites.

Policy No. : 141 482 137

These activities are supervised by independent fully qualified professionals, also insured with individual professional liability insurance.

This insurance conforms with the law article L 321-7 du code du sport. In respect of the law, participants in activities are expected to be adequately insured for the damage they might cause to third parties (Personal Liability).

This insurance is maybe included as part of your holiday insurance or by your credit card (NB. payment by the card is often required to qualify). If you are not already adequately covered for our activites we suggest insurance, à la Carte Impact Multisports1. It provides insurance cover for sports enthusiasts, resident in the European Union or Switzerland, by the day or annually. This insurance covers you for sporting activities worldwide. It is specific, comprehensive and affordable, it includes the following benefits :

  • 24/7 Assistance-repatriation
  • Search and rescue
  • Damage to sports equipement
  • Personal liability
  • Medical expenses

1 Montagne Sensation SAS is in no way connected with Impact Multisports insurance, nor benefits in any way. This information is provided solely for the benefit of our clients and does not constitute an offer.