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ANENA and Montagne Sensation

A partnership that brings quality and recognized training.

ANENA aims to advance safety by preventing the risks associated with snow and avalanches. Recognized as being of public interest since 1976, it gathers and trains all persons or organizations interested in the problems posed by avalanches.

  • Professionals : (ski resorts, guides, ski instructors, mountain leaders, ski patrol, rescue dog handlers, local elected officials, research laboratories, administrations, equipment companies ...)
  • Individuels : (skiers, snowboarders, snowshoers, climbers, mountaineers, wintersport associations and clubs...)

Who wish to enhance their knowledge of snow, avalanches and the most appropriate techniques to limit the risk.

Montagne Sensation is accredited to bring you training content taught at the National Ski and Mountaineering School (Chamonix).

In partnership with :

La Sambuy - station ski, Haute Savoie, France
Office de Tourisme - des Source du Lac d'Annecy
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ANENA - Association Nationale pour l’Étude de la Neige et des Avalanches